Either too hot or too cold?

A conservatory tends to be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter it becomes a space which never gets used to its full potential. There are other options like a tiled roof or removing it and replacing it with an extension, however these options are incredibly expensive and very labour intensive.

Tame Your Conservatory has a state of the art insulation material which we call our ‘MAGIC QUILT’. This fitted to the inside of a conservatory roof alongside our superb uPVC finish will make any conservatory a beautiful room you are able to use all year round, making it cooler in the summer ​whilst maintaining heat in the winter.


Your newly insulated space could be a home office, children's play area or a dining area, ultimately any space you desire.

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The Solution
0.13 W/m2K

Industry tests show that our
"magic quilt" is the most effective material available for conservatory insulations. A U-Value is the calculation of heat loss for any given surface, and with our magic quilt having a U-Value of only 0.13 W/m2K (compared to single glazing at 4.3 W/m2K), we can guarantee significant results which will change your conservatory into a room you are able to use all year round by keeping the heat out in the summer and keeping it nice and snug in the winter.

Our products



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Solutions for Ultralite or Ultraframe


We can insulate 98% of conservatories using your existing conservatory roof.

Ultralite or Ultraframe conservatory roofs make up the 2% which we can’t insulate in our normal way, due to the low pitch angle, and the potential for heat distortion to occur.

Our experts at Tame Your Conservatory wanted to find a solution for our clients no matter what type of roof is on your conservatory and have formulated a solution using world recognised Firestone EPDM membrane for Ultralite or Ultraframe conservatories.

The process involves removing your existing roof and replacing it with a new timber roof which we cover in the Firestone EPDM membrane, internally we use our hybrid quilt along with our stunning uPVC finish.